Apply for permission to film in Suffolk

Contact Screen Suffolk to arrange filming at a location in Suffolk.

Suffolk's countywide one-stop film service

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We promote Suffolk's film service infrastructure, creative talent and fantastic locations all within easy reach of London.

We aim to make Suffolk the most film-friendly county in the UK. Film Fixer is proud to deliver this service on behalf of all Suffolk councils.

Call Jim Horsfield or Rachel Aldridge on 0333 700 7833 to discuss any aspect of filming in Suffolk, including:

  • locations
  • talent
  • crew
  • permitting

You need to apply for a filming permit through Screen Suffolk no matter how small your crew is and even if you are a student. We are used to responding at short notice, so don't worry if you don't have much lead-in time. Even if you do not believe you will be causing an obstruction we strongly recommend that you always inform Screen Suffolk if you are filming the county's streets.

If the local authority is not aware that you will be filming in the area, then you might be asked to stop. Even if you are filming on behalf of the district and borough councils or the county council, you will need to apply for a permit.

All productions, international and domestic, need proof of Public Liability Insurance in order to receive permission to film or carry out commercial photography in public areas.

This insurance covers the legal responsibilities of your production if your activities cause injury to a third party or damage to property. If you engage in commercial filming activity without public liability insurance and something goes wrong you could be prosecuted.