Report a blocked drain

You can report a blocked drain in Suffolk quickly and easily online. Find out how to report a problem using our Highways Reporting Tool.

Our Highways Reporting Tool allows you to report a new problem and monitor the status of existing reports. 

Do not report a blocked drain online if:

  • it poses an immediate danger to public safety - call 0345 606 6171
  • it’s on a trunk road in Suffolk - call the Highways England Information Line on 0300 123 5000
  • it's on a private road, private land or a car park - this is the responsibility of the land owner or Anglian Water
  • the drain is blocked by leaves and litter - contact the borough or district council to clear this

Reporting a problem takes about 2 minutes

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You can begin by clicking the Start button, or read the instructions below for further guidance. 

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