Report a permanent traffic signal or traffic signal-controlled crossing

Report a traffic light or signal problem including issues on puffin, pelican and toucan crossings, vehicle activated signs, and signal controls at junctions.

Report faulty/damaged permanent traffic signals or issues relating to traffic signal-controlled crossings using the numbers below.

Call 0800 298 6815 to report directly to Swarco between 8am and 4pm.

Outside of these hours, please call 0345 603 1433. 

To report a different highways-related issue, visit Report a highways issue.

Please have the following information available:

  • parish or town
  • road name or number, for example, High Street or B1078
  • type of traffic signal, for example, pedestrian crossing or vehicle-activated sign
  • the type of fault, for example, the green man light isn't working
  • what colour signal that's not working
  • which direction you were travelling in and what side of the road is the traffic signal on

Repair of signals is prioritised based on the type of fault to make sure that any fault that causes immediate danger is dealt with first. For example, a red light that isn't working. 

Reporting a fault with temporary traffic lights

Problems with temporary traffic lights, for example, where there are roadworks in progress, should be reported using the emergency contact details supplied at the site.

The contact details are normally published on the generator for the temporary traffic lights.