Apply to replace a lost or stolen Blue Badge

You can apply to replace a lost or stolen Blue Badge by completing this online form.

Blue Badges can only be replaced by the local authority who issued the badge.

The Blue Badge is a legal document.

If you've lost, damaged or had your Blue Badge stolen and Suffolk County Council issued your badge you can apply to replace your badge using the form below.

Lost badge applications

If you apply to replace a lost badge, we'll wait a period of 7 working days before we begin to process your application. This provides time for the badge to be found and for you to contact us to reinstate your Blue Badge.

If at the end of the 7 days you have not found your badge, call 03456 066 077 to let us know. We'll then start the process of replacing it.

The cost for a replacement badge is £10.

We’ll contact you for this payment after we have approved your application.

Start: apply to replace a lost or stolen badge

We'll only replace a lost badge issued by Suffolk County Council if there is a minimum of 6 months left on the badge.

You'll need:

  • your email address. This will allow us to contact you about your application
  • to send a proof of address dated within the last 12 months if you've changed address since your last badge was issued. This can be either be a copy of a utility bill, or an official letter in your own name.
  • E.g. from a bank, building society or local council

Please either scan your proof of address and send securely to, or posted to:

Blue Badge Team
Suffolk County Council
PO Box 258
IP14 9BU