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Pay for a road safety training course

You can pay for a road safety training course quickly and easily online with Suffolk Roadsafe.

Before you pay

Road safety courses are provided by Suffolk Roadsafe. Check if a course is available by calling 0345 600 1291. 

Each course is subject to a fee. You can find details and fees for each Suffolk Roadsafe course.

The courses you can pay for include:

  • Get in Gear
  • Grand Driver Assessment
  • Huggers Challenge
  • Rider Plus
  • We Mean business
  • Young Rider

To make a payment you will need the:

  • course name
  • name of the person attending the course
  • company name if applicable

You can pay by credit or debit card.

It takes approximately 5 minutes to pay for a course online.

We recommend you do not use Internet Explorer to access our payment system, as you may experience more issues compared to other web browsers.

Our online services are safe to use. You can read our online service safety page to find out more about the security of our websites, online forms and portals.

Other ways to pay or contact us

Call 0345 600 1291 or email