Suffolk schools bronze cyber security service

Suffolk County Council is committed to help schools with the increasing threats and challenges around maintaining effective cyber-security.

As well as offering advice and ensuring that cyber-security runs through all the services we provide, we have developed tailored cyber security services for schools, starting with the bronze cyber security service which provides the following:

NCSC CiSP - Cyber advice and forum sign up referral

The Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP) is a joint industry and government initiative set up to allow UK organisations to share cyber threat information in a secure and confidential environment.

NCSC - Early Warning System reports, Webcheck & Mailcheck

The National Cyber Security Centre's (NCSC) Early Warning service processes a number of UK-focused threat intelligence feeds from trusted public, commercial and closed sources, which includes several privileged feeds not available elsewhere.

By providing details of the assets your organisation owns, Early Warning will deliver feeds of the following types of threat information:

  • Incident Notifications - Activity that suggests an active compromise of your system. Example: Your IP address has been involved in a DDOS attack
  • Network Abuse Events - Indicators that your assets have been associated with malicious activity. Example: A client on your network is a part of a Botnet
  • Vulnerability Alerts - Indications of vulnerable services running on your assets. Example: You have a vulnerable port open
  • Early Warning complements your existing threat intelligence products and should not be used in isolation. The Early Warning platform provides information about known vulnerabilities and poor configurations of externally facing (internet facing) services.

Web check Website vulnerabilities result from misconfigurations or software flaws which might be exploited by an attacker.

Web configuration and vulnerability scanning services offer a regular and cost-effective method of checking for common problems with websites. As such they complement penetration testing in which a specialist security tester can check for more complex security weaknesses, refining the strategy for later tests being in response to their initial findings.

Mail Check helps you to set up and maintain good DMARC, SPF, DKIM and TLS configurations.

Weekly Cyber News, including latest threats and vulnerabilities

This is a weekly cyber security email with a pdf attachment containing the latest threats, vulnerabilities and news, providing a means of notification of new and emerging threats, recently discovered vulnerabilities and 0-day exploits and news from the cyber security world

Information Management training

Comprehensive training module cover all aspects of Information Governance & basic Cyber security.

If you would like details of how to subscribe to this service then please contact us at