Redstor remote backup service

Suffolk County Council has partnered with Redstor to provide a remote backup service that brings best value to schools using a whole school bundle model.

The whole school bundles can be used across your whole entire environment, not just the admin server and in most cases moving across to this service has reduced the cost of an off-site back-up service. This enables schools to backup any device or area so long as the Redstor console can be installed on it or can network access the device or area.

The premise of the whole school bundles is to encourage schools to protect their whole environment, rather than just focusing on the admin/SIMS side. Rather than using Redstor for admin data and another on premise solution for curriculum data, schools can bring their data management/protection under one umbrella. Schools are now starting to recognise the risk of having on premise backup solutions, as increasing ransomware attacks can infect and encrypt data held on local devices (e.g. NAS drives) on the network.

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